CFS Form Order Worksheet

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This module, which is accessed by selecting COMPLETE FORMS ORDER on the HELP menu, contains a worksheet to be used as an aid when ordering preprinted RED forms, perforated blank paper, and windowed envelopes, from CFS Tax Software for use with the CFS Payroll System. After completing the worksheet, orders can be placed on the CFS website by clicking the Link to CFS Forms Website menu item and manually entering the number of forms from the worksheet.

When the worksheet is first loaded it will automatically estimate the number of forms you need based on the current number of employers and recipients in your database. Users can also manually run the estimate function by selecting the COMPUTE FORMS REQUIRED menu item and following the prompts. If you have not yet entered 1099 and W-2 data but have imported last year's recipients, then the program will assume that the number of recipients will be similar and it will count the current number of blank forms containing only name and address data. Users can also manually complete the worksheet if the database does not provide an acceptable estimate of the required forms.

Many of the 1099 forms are now continuous use forms. This means that the extra forms ordered last year may still be usable for filing this year. Check to see if you still have usable forms before ordering.

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