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v0.48.14.20 (02/14/22)

Fixed: not all data was importing from MD Personal Property 2021.

v0.48.14.10 (01/13/22)

Modified: Client List now prints alphabetically by last name
Added: ability to choose whether or not to include inactive clients in the client list printout
Fixed: Was not importing clients from a non-default network location

v0.48.14.2 (12/22/21)

Modified: 2022 databases are built-in instead of needing to be downloaded.

v0.47.14.106 (12/16/21)

Added: TaxTools 2022, Small Business Tools 2022, Tax Corresponder 2022, and W4 Calculator 2022
Added: Client's Files can display files by product + year


Fixed: Minor issues for CA Sales Tax Preparer 2021.


Added: CA Sales Tax Preparer 2021 can now be launched

June 2021

Initial release.

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