Check Printing Supplies

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Paper supply and hardware requirement information for printing checks is listed below.

Printing on Blank Check Stock

When printing on blank check stock only one supply of blank checks is required. All employer and bank information, including the MICR line, is printed on the checks by the software. The following is required to print on blank check stock:

Blank business checks – See CFS website at

Windowed check envelopes – See CFS website at

MICR font – Included free with the CFS Live Payroll program. Be sure to test the print position of the MICR line on your printer.

Laser printer with MICR toner cartridge – The MICR line on checks is read by banks using magnetic readers and requires special MICR toner with a high iron content for best results. CFS does not sell MICR toner cartridges. These are readily available on the internet. Inkjet printers do not have MICR ink options and should not be used.

Printing on Preprinted Check Stock

When printing on preprinted check stock a separate supply of checks is required for each employer that has the employer's information and bank information already printed on them. The following is required to print on preprinted check stock.

Preprinted checks – CFS does not sell preprinted checks. CFS Live Payroll is compatible with preprinted business voucher checks for Intuit's Quickbooks. Printed data may be moved to fit a variety of preprinted checks. These are available from numerous sources.

Windowed check envelopes – See CFS website at

Laser or Inkjet printer – Because the MICR line is printed on the preprinted check, the MICR font and MICR toner cartridge are not required. Any printer may be used to print the remaining check data to the preprinted checks.

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