Program Crashes Without Error Message when Printing


When you attempt to print a form, the program disappears but continues running, requiring Task Manager to close it.


This is usually a symptom of incompatibility between CFS programs written in Visual Basic and Nvidia video card support. Nvidia provides high performance video, popular on machines used for video games. On business computers, Nvidia is often used for multiple monitor support.


You should be able to configure Nvidia's "Desktop Manager" to allow CFS program operation. Right-click on an empty area of the desktop. On the resulting menu, look for the "Desktop Manager" and left-click on it.

In the Desktop Manager, look for an "Applications" tab. Select that tab to bring up a window in which you can specify programs which are to be given special treatment. The object is to add the affected CFS program to the list, then DISABLE it so that there is a red X in front of it. To do this:

  1. Click the ADD button.
  2. Use the BROWSE button to navigate to the CFS program's executable (.exe) file.
  3. Add the application.
  4. Select the application you have just added to the list and click the DISABLE button.
  5. If there is a check in "Allow Title Bar Buttons," clear the checkbox.
  6. It may also be necessary to clear the checkbox for "Enable nView Desktop Manager for this application and/or windows class."

Different versions of NVIDIA have different menu sequences, but the important things to look for are Desktop Manager and the Applications tab.

When there is a red X to the left of the CFS program, you can close the Nvidia controls and expect better performance from the CFS program.

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