NJ Form NJ-W-3 - Reconciliation of Tax Withheld

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This module imports summary Form W-2 information to complete New Jersey Form NJ-W-3. Form NJ-W-3 is scanned by the state. Submit only originals. The form is due February 15th.

Beginning with tax year 2020 the form must be filed electronically. It can be filed online manually (web filing). Payroll preparers can bulk file their client's forms by uploading a file. CFS supports bulk filing by making the electronic file. Follow the steps below to create and upload the electronic file.
Beginning with tax year 2022, New Jersey has developed their own website to upload some annual files as an alternative to Axway. Form NJ-W-3 can be uploaded using the same bulk file format used when uploading to Axway. You can learn more about the filing options here.

E-Filing Form NJ-W-3

Step 1: Make sure you have credentials to log in to New Jersey's secure website Axway. See the NJ-927/WR-30 e-filing instructions. Axway is the same website for electronically filing Forms W-2 with New Jersey. Email New Jersey at e-GovServices@treas.nj.gov to obtain credentials if you don't already have them for NJ-927/WR-30 e-filing.

Step 2: Create and save the Form NJ-W-3 modules files for each client as if you were filing on paper. Be sure to check the box on the form to indicate that Forms W-2 were filed electronically.

Step 3: Load the "NJ-W-3 - e-Filing" module (located directory below the Form NJ-W-3 module on the Module Library). All employers with a saved NJ-W-3 file will be marked "Ready". Click the "Create File" button. Navigate to the directory where you will save the file. By default it should start at the same directory where you save your NJ-927/WR-30 electronic files. We recommend that you use this default directory. Note that the file name MUST start with "W3".

Step 4: After the file is created, click the "Transmit via Internet" button. This will load your browser at the Axway website. Log in and upload the file you just created. As an aid in finding the file, the file path and name has been saved to the Windows Clipboard. When the window opens to browse for the file, put the cursor in the file name box and press CTRL+V to paste the file path and name in automatically. Verify that the file name starts with "W3" before proceeding to upload the file.

Step 5: At a later time log back into Axway and check for an acknowledgement to confirm that the file was accepted with errors.

Step 6: If there are errors, correct any issues on the Form NJ-W-3 and resave it. In the e-filing module, select the employer and click the Reset button. Now you can create the file again and upload it by repeating Step 3 and 4.

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