Printing SSA-approved, black scannable W-2 forms

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Our W2/1099 program prints SSA-approved W-2's (and W-3's) on regular printer paper, from the Print Forms dialog.

  1. In Payroll System, select W-2/1099 Information Returns in the Select Program To Display pulldown. From there are two ways to open the Print Forms dialog.
    1. Method 1: In the Module Library list, double-click Print Forms W-2/1099/1098
    2. Method 2: In the Module Library list, double-click the W-2 Wage and Tax Statement module. When it opens, click File from the menu bar and then click Print.
  2. The Print Forms dialog will appear. In the Form/Copy Options section, choose W-2 from the Select Form pulldown, mark Black Copies (Form W-2), and put a checkmark next to SSA (Scannable 2-Up Copy A)
  3. Make the appropriate selections in the Recipient Options section. If one or more recipients are selected, the Print button will be enabled.
  4. Click Print. A Prepare Printer prompt will appear. Click OK when plain paper is loaded into the printer.
  5. After the W-2 form(s) print, the Prepare and Print Form W-3 Now? prompt appears. Follow this guide to print Form W-3.

Use the Black Form Offset feature on the Print Forms dialog to shift the printout on the paper if it is off center.

A value of 144 = 0.10 inch. So entering a value of 20, for example, might not be noticeable.

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