Printing SSA-approved, black scannable W-2 forms

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Our W2/1099 program prints SSA-approved W-2's (and W-3's) on regular printer paper, from the Print Forms dialog.

  1. In Payroll System, select W-2/1099 Information Returns in the Select Program To Display pulldown. From there are two ways to open the Print Forms dialog.
    1. Method 1: In the Module Library list, double-click Print Forms W-2/1099/1098
    2. Method 2: In the Module Library list, double-click the W-2 Wage and Tax Statement module. When it opens, click File from the menu bar and then click Print, or click the Print icon on the menu bar.
  2. The Print Forms dialog will appear. In the Form/Copy Options section, choose W-2 from the Select Form pulldown, mark Black Copies (Form W-2), and put a checkmark next to SSA (Scannable 2-Up Copy A)
  3. Make the appropriate selections in the Recipient Options section. If one or more recipients are selected, the Print button will be enabled.
  4. Click Print. A Prepare Printer prompt will appear. Click OK when plain paper is loaded into the printer.
  5. After the W-2 form(s) print, the Prepare and Print Form W-3 Now? prompt appears. Follow this guide to print Form W-3.

Use the Black Form Offset feature on the Print Forms dialog to shift the printout on the paper if it is off center. This offset is for use primarily with the 4-up recipient copy in case addresses do not line up with the windowed envelope. This offset does not affect the black scannable copy A as it is programmed to print in the proper position on the paper for scanning.

A value of 144 = 0.10 inch. So entering a value of 20, for example, might not be noticeable.

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