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NC Web File Upload for Form NC-3

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Electronic Filing and Payment Requirement

The law requires all businesses to file electronically. Use this application to file original and amended NC-3s and withholding statements.

NC-3s and withholding statements are due by January 31, annually.

See the North Carolina website for further information.

CFS Payroll System supports North Carolina's Web File Upload method of electronic filing. See below for details.

The NC Web File Upload screen is accessed from the NC-3 Web Upload Files entry in the Module Library list.

This module only prepares files for NC Web File Upload filing on the NC eNC3 website. The user is responsible for learning how to use the NC eNC3 system to file returns. The NC website has a video tutorial. Use the information below as a guide.

The North Carolina Department of Revenue provides a secure file upload process for taxpayers to send return information to the Department using the Web File Upload.

You can upload your client's returns or your own returns.


First create and save the selected form data files as if you were submitting them on paper using the appropriate form module. If you want to include an electronic payment with the file, then click the button in the form module to enter "Payment Info for Web Upload Files". Enter the bank routing and account numbers. Be sure to verify that the routing and account number is correct and there are sufficient funds to make the payment. Check the box to tell the program to use this account to include an electronic payment with each of this employer's Web Upload files. If the box is not checked then no payment will be included.


Create a Web File Upload formatted file. On this screen employers with saved form data files will be marked ''Ready'' and automatically checked to be included in the file. Uncheck the box next to the employers you do NOT want to include in the file.

The "Pay in File" column indicates if an electronic payment will be, or has been, included in the Web Upload file. See the Step 1 explanation of how to include an electronic payment. If payment is not included, then the taxpayer must make payment electronically online separate from the file upload. If payment is included, then it will always be for the total amount due.

The status column lists the status of the selected form for each employer for the selected period. The meaning of each status is listed below.


One form data file has been saved for this employer for the selected period and it may be included in the Web File Upload file.


No form data file has been saved for the period.


More than one form has been saved for this employer for the selected period and the program cannot choose which to include. To include a file for this employer you must delete the extra files. Only one file may be saved.

MM/DD/YY - File Name

The selected form for the period was included in a Web Upload file with the specified file name on that date. The form data file may NOT be included in another Web Upload file unless the status is reset. See STEP 4.

Only those marked "Ready" can be included in a file. Check the box next to the employers you want to include in the file. Normally all ''Ready'' files will be check automatically. The user can check the box "Only check "Ready" if payment will be included in file" to automatically uncheck the "Ready" returns where payment information is not available.

Click the "Create File" button, navigate to a directory where you will save your NC Web File Upload files, enter the file name and click OPEN to save the file. We recommend you use the default directory and file name created by the program to save all your NC Web File Upload files. NC has file name requirement so changing the name may cause the file to be rejected. When the file is successfully created, the file name will be copied to the computer clipboard. This allows you to use CTRL+V to paste the file name into the browse window when selecting the file to upload. To use this shortcut, the file must be created right before uploading it.


Click the ''Connect to eNC3'' button to load the NC eNC3 information website into your internet browser. Click the ''Enter the eNC3 Application'' link.


Once in the application, CFS recommends that you test the file format before submitting the file. See the options at the bottom of the screen. See the ''eNC3 Overview Video'' link for further information. This website allows upload of multiple file types so be sure to choose ''NC3'' when uploading an NC-3 file. When selecting the file, browse and locate the Web File Upload file. If you created the file immediately before logging in, then you can press CTRL+V to copy the filename into the browse window. Click Open. Follow the instructions to submit the file.

Any errors must be fixed on Form NC-3 and saved. Then the file status must be RESET in this module and the file must be created again and uploaded .


After a valid file has been uploaded, follow the North Carolina instructions to complete the submission and monitor the status of the submitted returns.

Remember, if an electronic payment was not included in the file, then the taxpayer must make separate arrangements for electronic payment. If a payment is included, then the user must be sure that there are sufficient funds in the account to make the payment.

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