IL Forms IL-941/IL-501 - Employer's Quarterly Withholding Income Tax Return

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This module contains Illinois Form IL-941, Employer's Quarterly Withholding Income Tax Return, and Form IL-501, Payment voucher. These forms can only be used if the employer has IL set as the PAYROLL STATE.

See the instructions for Form IL-941 and Form IL-501.

Form IL-941 and accompanying Schedule P are required to be filed electronically.

New for 2020: Schedule P is an employee wage listing that is required to be submitted with Form IL-941.

Online Filing Support:

Illinois does not have a method of electronic filing for Form IL-941 that CFS Payroll System can support. However, when filing Form IL-941 and Schedule P on MyTax Illinois, there is an option to import a CSV file for Schedule P which CFS Payroll System does support.

See the Online Filing Support menu in the Form IL-941 module. The first two options on the menu allow the user to store login information for MyTax Illinois. The 3rd and 4th option will attempt to log the user in automatically using the stored login information. Note: If the automatic login feature does not work for any reason, often because the website loads too slowly, then remove the stored login information so that the program will not attempt to enter it. Note that these login options are the same as in the module for the UI tax Form UI-3/40.

The bottom option creates a CSV file of the employee wage listing entered on Schedule P. The program will tell you the file name and path after it is created in the employer's program data directory. After logging into MyTax Illinois and starting to web file the IL-941 online, there will be an option to upload or import a CSV file with the Schedule P employee wage listing. When selecting that option you will have to browse to locate the file to upload.

CFS recommends that you do things in this order:

  1. Complete and save Form IL-941, including Schedule P.
  2. Log into the MyTax Illinois website and begin to complete the IL-941 online.
  3. In CFS Payroll System create the CSV file for Schedule P.
  4. On the MyTax Illinois website select the option to import the Schedule P CSV file. In the browse window, either press CTRL+V to paste the file name and path into the dialog file name box (this is a shortcut that can be used if they are done in this order), or navigate to the file and select it. Click Open to import the file.
  5. Complete the IL-941 and submit the return.

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