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Tagging clients

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Clients can be arbitrarily grouped together in TaxTools WorkShop using Tags. The Client List can then be filtered based on Tags. The program comes with some built-in tags for displaying/hiding clients based on the selected Toolbox, but users can create their own.

Accessing the Tags screen

There are three ways to get to the screen to manage tags.

  • Right click on a client and click Add/Edit Client Tags.
  • Click the blue gear icon at the top of the Client List (next to Filter by Tag)
  • Double-click on a client and see the Tags section on the right.
Multiple clients can be tagged at the same time by selecting multiple clients, then right-clicking on one and then clicking Add/Edit Client Tags.

Built-in Tags vs Custom Tags

TaxTools WorkShop comes with built-in Tags called "Toolboxes". Because TaxTools WorkShop combines the features of multiple products (TaxTools, Tax Corresponder, etc.) we provided these Tags so you can filter your client list on a product-by-product basis to simulate what you would see if the programs were standalone versions.

Custom Tags are ones created by the user.

Creating a Custom Tag

  1. Open the Tags management screen.
  2. Click Custom Tags.
  3. Type in a name for the Tag and click Add.

Tags can be updated or deleted using the corresponding button.

Assigning Tags to a client

  1. Right-click on a client and click Add/Edit Client Tags. The Add/Edit Tags dialog appears.
  2. There are two lists--Toolboxes and Custom Tags. See Built-in Tags vs Custom Tags for more info. Any Tag with a checkmark in it applies to the client. Apply or remove any tag from the two lists to the client, then click Save.

Filtering the Client List with Tags

  1. Make a selection from the Filter by Tag pulldown above the Client List.
  2. The Client List will be filtered.
  3. To show all the clients again either click Show All or select "All" in Filter by Tag.
    If "Selected Toolbox" is chosen in Filter by Tag, the program will sync the Client List with the product chosen in the Toolbox section below the Client List.

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