Client Status Fields

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The Client Information screen is displayed for adding or editing employers by clicking the Add or Edit button on the Client List. This screen contains a list of status fields on the General tab. These fields can be used to track the client status regarding completion of quarterly forms or other payroll related tasks. Most of the status fields have been named already to provide a suggestion for tasks that may be tracked. However, all of the status field names may be changed by the user to reflect operations done by their firm. A blank field is also provided that the user may name. Note that if the user changes the name of a status field, the new name will be used by all clients. Status fields may be used to a provide visual cue as to the current status of the client in regards to any of the operations that the fields represent. A simple example would be to enter "X" in the "941" status field each quarter when the form has been completed and filed. Alternatively, a more complex status system could be devised that tracks intermediate steps in an involved filing procedure. See the Client List Options for more information on using status fields.

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