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Direct Deposit in LivePayroll

Setting Up Direct Deposit

User Setup

Before you can use the Direct Deposit feature, you must enroll with National Payment Corporation ("NatPay") and set up a user account. To set up your account, open Direct Deposit Utilities:

  1. Click the Payroll Data button,
  2. Click the Print button, and
  3. Click the Direct Deposit Utilities button in the bottom left corner of the Print dialog:

In the Direct Deposit Utilities dialog, click the User Setup button:

NatPay Account Application

All of the necessary application forms are included in PDF format (Acrobat Reader required). You must first, complete an application for either a Processor Account or a Regular Account.

  • Choose the Regular Account form if you will only be making deposits for your own company.
  • Choose Processor Account if you will be making deposits for other employers.

Instructions on how to complete and submit the form are in the Introduction on page 1. Scroll through the form and fill in all of the necessary fields. (Some fields have been filled in for you.) Once completed, the document can be electronically signed, saved, and emailed to NatPay. If you have questions, call NatPay at (813) 222-0333.

Once NatPay has set up your account, return to the User Setup screen and fill in your NatPay account number:

Be sure to select the correct radio button for the type of account:

Client Authorization Form

If you have applied for a Processor account, you must provide each of your clients with a copy of the Client Authorization Form, which the client must fill out and submit to NatPay.

Before giving the file to your client(s), fill in the PPP Information section of the form with your NatPay account information and save the file.

Employee Authorization Form

You will also need to provide each client with a copy of the Employee Authorization Form to distribute to its employees. If you are doing payroll for your own employees, distribute the form to them.

This form is not returned to NatPay. The information on it will be used to set up each employee in the Employer Setup, which is the next step.

When you have completed the User Setup, click OK to return to the Direct Deposit Utilities menu.

Employer Setup

The next step is to complete the Employer Setup. Click the Employer Setup button in the Direct Deposit Utilities dialog.

Enter the Employer's NatPay Account Number:

The Employer's Banking Information will be filled in if you have previously printed checks for this employer:

The information is entered on the Blank Check Setup screen. (See Payroll System Help file.)

Enter Routing and Account Numbers for each participating employee:

This information may also be entered on the Rates tab when you Add/Edit Payroll Data.

Initially, it is suggested you set the status to Prenotification ("Prenote"). The first file transmitted will verify the employee's bank information, but will not include a check amount. Instead, a paper check will be printed. The status will then be automaticaly changed to Direct Deposit ("DirDep").

  • Click Yes to set status to Prenote for this employee only.
  • Click Yes to All to set status for all employees.

Select from the dropdown menu whether the account Type is Checking or Savings:

You can also set the Status from a dropdown menu:

When you have entered banking information for all participating employees, click OK, then click OK again to exit Direct Deposit Utilities.

Complete the Employer Setup for each client for whom you will be processing direct deposits.

Processing Direct Deposits

Once you have set up a NatPay account for yourself (and for other employers if you will be acting as a processor for them), processing direct deposits is as easy as printing checks.

Entering Payroll Data

Select the employer for which you will be processing payroll, and click Payroll Data:

Enter the data for each check into the payroll grid, just as you would when printing checks.

The Check Date entered must be far enough ahead to meet the funding/timing option you have chosen with NatPay.
The Check Date cannot be on a weekend or banking holiday when the federal reserve is closed. The program will issue a warning when attempting direct deposit with such a check date. See

When all checks for this pay period have been entered, click the Print button:

The employer's bank information is recorded under Check Setup:

If you have processed payroll for this employer before, this information has already been entered.

Validating Employer Account

The first time you process a direct deposit for an employer, you should validate the account number. Click the Direct Deposit Utilities button to open Direct Deposit Utilities, then click Account List and enter your NatPay password.

If you have forgotten your password, or are unable to connect because the account or password is incorrect, contact NatPay at (813) 222-0333.

You will be presented with a list of all of your employer accounts. If there is a discrepancy, it will appear in red. If this is the case, you have probably entered an account number incorrectly.

When you are finished with Direct Deposit Utilities, click OK to return to the Print dialog.

Processing Paychecks

In the Print dialog, either select individual paychecks to be processed, or click Select All.

Note that in the above scenario:

  • The two employees with DD status will receive direct deposit, and
  • The other two employees will receive paychecks, but
  • June's status will change from PN to DD, and she will receive direct deposit next pay period.

For employees receiving direct deposit, a pay notice will be printed stamped NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Click Print to process paychecks. You will receive a notice confirming the Requested Credit Date for direct deposit...

...a notice confirming that you are ready to print...

...a notice confirming transmission of the direct deposit file...

...and a notice confirming that the file has been received by NatPay:

If an employee's status was set to Prenotification, you will also receive a notice that the setting has been changed to Direct Deposit.

Checking File Status

To check the status of your direct deposit transmission, open Direct Deposit Utilities, and click File Status.

You will receive a report of files recently transmitted, together with their status. You will also receive email notifications at the address(es) included on your NatPay application.

For more information, please see the program's Help file.

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