Client Folder

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Client Folder

The Client Folder is displayed on the upper right half of the main screen and is updated as the current Client is changed in the list on the left. The Client Folder is a list of modules or templates for which data has been saved for the current Client.

Clicking an entry in the folder causes the folder to expand or contract thereby showing or hiding the individual file descriptions. The individual file descriptions may be sorted alphabetically or by date. Right-click in the Client Folder area to display a popup menu to choose the sorting preference.

Selecting a module or template name from the folder and choosing Edit or double clicking a name opens that module or template and displays a list of file descriptions for files previously saved on the Data List Form for the user to select.

If instead of selecting the module or template name from the Client Folder, the user selects one of the file descriptions then the module or template will open and display the file selected.

Data files may be deleted by selecting a module or template from the Client Folder and choosing DELETE FILE to display the Data List Form.

Multiple files may be selected for deletion from the Data List but not from the Client Folder. To select a group of files that are next to each other, select the first files; then, while holding down the SHIFT key, select the last files. To select multiple files that are not next to each other, hold the CTRL key down while selecting files.

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