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Entering Data at a Client's Office

Some users prefer to take the program to a client's office and enter data at that location, using the client's computer. It is possible to do this by installing the program onto a flash drive. Then at the client's office, a subset of the program can be installed from the flash drive, allowing data entry there.

On a computer in your office allocated to outside data entry:

  1. Plug in a flash drive and determine the drive letter.
  2. Start the installation process. When you have filled in the "Firm Information" screen, copy the information to paper for reference at the client office.
  3. The screen after "Firm Information" is the "Destination Folder" screen. On that screen, click the browse button, then change only the drive letter in the path to that of the flash drive (for example, change "C:\CFSLIB\PR2013" to "F:\CFSLIB\PR2013").
  4. Click "Next" and finish the installation.
  5. Safely remove the flash drive.
Remember to always right-click on the flash drive and left-click on "Eject" or use the "Safely Remove" button on the task bar before removing a flash drive.

On a computer at the client's office:

  1. Plug in the flash drive.
  2. Navigate to the flash drive and to the folder \CFSLIB\xx20yy\WSSETUP.
  3. In that folder find and execute SETUP.EXE to make a shortcut on the desktop and install the required system files. YOU WILL PROBABLY NEED TO ENTER YOUR FIRM INFORMATION INCLUDING LICENSE CODE.
  4. When you want to enter data at your client's office, plug in the flash drive and use the shortcut on the desktop.

To install program updates:

  1. Insert the flash drive into the computer in your office which was used to install the program on the flash drive.
  2. Start the program.
  3. Under "Internet Options," select "Update from the Web."
  4. If an update is available, apply the update.

Importing data from previous year:

There is a problem going from one year to the next if you are keeping your live data on the flash drive. The Restore and Import operations will not read from a database on a removable medium which has not been created by the backup facility. So to import from one year to the next, a special procedure is necessary.

  1. Open the program for the previous year.
  2. Perform a backup to a folder on the flash drive or on a hard drive on the computer.
  3. Open the program for the current year.
  4. Import from the backup folder.


If you are nervous about the reliability of a flash drive (as I am), you will probably want to set the automatic backup utility to back up your data to a folder on the C: drive. To do that:

  1. Open the program.
  2. From the "Utilities" menu, select "Backup Selected Clients."
  3. Navigate to an empty folder on the hard drive (for example, C:\CFSLIB\PR20yy\BACKUP).
  4. Perform the backup to that location.
  5. When the backup is complete, the program will ask whether this location should be used for exit backups.  Reply should be "Yes."

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