"This product is now a part of TaxTools WorkShop"

Eric Updated by Eric

Certain smaller products—Small Business Tools, for example—are now found exclusively in TaxTools WorkShop, where they exist as the same product, but can be launched from the same place as other CFS products using the same client list. The interface is mostly the same, and the modules are the same, but there are more useful features built into TaxTools WorkShop.

This has certain advantages. For one, clients don't need to be copied between individual programs anymore, because the products within TaxTools WorkShop all share its client list. Also, clients don't need to be copied from year to year either, because TaxTools WorkShop is always up-to-date, even across years. That's much less maintenance our users will have to perform.

To find the product in TaxTools WorkShop, choose it from the toolbox selector as shown below:

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