W2/1099 Starter Kit

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Due to an increase in costs, Starter Kits now carry a $10 shipping charge.

What is a Starter Kit?

The Starter Kit is a pack of forms that contains several units each of the following items ($39 value):

  • 1099 red forms
  • 1099-DIV red forms (two forms per sheet)
  • 1099-INT red forms (two forms per sheet)
  • 1099-MISC red forms (two forms per sheet)
  • 1099-NEC red forms (three forms per sheet)
  • 1099 Blank 3-up perforated sheets
  • W-2 Blank 4-up perforated sheets
  • Envelope A (for W-2 employees)
  • Envelope B (for 1099 recipients)
Contents are subject to change. CFS makes no guarantee on the quantity of each item included in the kit.

How do I get a Starter Kit?

You can obtain a Starter Kit by doing one of the following:

  • Opt in to receive a Starter Kit when you renew W2/1099 for the upcoming year before May 31st on your MyCFS Renewal Notice.
  • Call us at (800) 343-1157 and buy it for $39.

Where is my Starter Kit?

The Starter Kits are normally mass mailed to our Customers via the United States Postal Service between August and November every year.

They are mailed to the address provided on the order. If you are not sure what address you requested your Starter Kit to be mailed to, please check the receipt that was emailed to you around the time the order was placed. If it is incorrect, please notify us of the change as soon as possible by submitting Firm Name/Address Change form (a MyCFS account is needed to submit this form).

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