Concurrent Users

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Concurrent Users are multiple users who access TaxTools WorkShop simultaneously—they are actively logged into the program at the exact same time.

The number of users purchased is the number of users that can be simultaneously using the program at any given time. Multiple people can use TaxTools WorkShop at a company and only sign up for one Concurrent User, if they don't use the program simultaneously.


Bob, Marsha, and Nancy all work in the same office, where TaxTools WorkShop is installed. They are licensed for one user, which means only one user can be in the program at any given time (it does not matter which user it is). Bob opens TaxTools WorkShop and begins working. He finishes and closes the program. Marsha opens the program on her computer and begins working. So far there is no interruption in work, because there is still only one concurrent user. While Marsha has the program open, however, Nancy opens her program. This firm now has two concurrent users. Since the first Concurrent User is free, the firm should buy a second user if they want Nancy (or anybody else) to also use it simultaneously.

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