Adding or editing a client

Click Add Client to add a new client or click Edit Client to modify an existing client. The Client Directory is assigned by the program based on the client's ID number.. Select the desired Client Typ…


Client Folder

The Client Folder is displayed on the upper right half of the main screen and displays the files for the selected client. Expanding and sorting client files. Expanding. Files are grouped by module. T…


Displaying additional client information in the Client List

Displaying SSN/EIN. By default our software will display only client names in the Client List. Launch the program. Double-click the Client List heading to toggle displaying the clients' SSN/EIN.. Dis…

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Filter/Sort Client List

Click Utilities > Filter/Sort Client List.. Select the desired Sort by option. When sorting by Client Code the code is displayed to the left of the client's name. See Setting client codes.. Select th…


Finding Clients

Using keyword search. Click Utilities > Find Client.... Input keywords (e.g. the client's name or ID number) then click OK.. The first matching record will be selected. To move to the next matching r…


Purge Deleted Clients

If using the network version, first ensure no one else is using the program. After this operation those Clients may no longer be Undeleted from the Client List. The Client will be permanently removed…


Set Client Codes

The client database allows the user to assign a two character code to each client. The code is optional and may be used to organize clients by sorting or filtering the client list based on the code.…