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NY Sales Tax Preparer

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Changes with Fill-N-Print

As you may already know, we discontinued Fill-N-Print so it cannot be renewed. However, current Fill-N-Print subscriptions will continue until they expire or until 6/30/23, whichever comes first. Thi…

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Fill-N-Print Discontinued

The Fill-N-Print tax forms library was originally added to our product line to give users access to forms not already contained in our flagship TaxTools program. Many of those forms are now freely av…

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Quick Reference Guide

Because much of the information in Quick Reference Guide is freely available online, this program will be discontinued starting in 2023. Quick Reference Guide 2022 is the final version. Introduction.…


Tax Corresponder

Overview. Tax Corresponder has an interface similar to most other CFS programs. (See CFS Program Interface.) Like those other programs, it has the familiar Client List and Client Folder panes: Client…


W-4 Calculator

The core of the W-4 Calculator program is the W-4 Calculator Tax Planner module, which... Calculates income tax liability based on user entries;. Allocates the withholding target amount across up to…