CFS tax forms/envelopes/checks and AME Payroll

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AME Payroll is a program some CFS customers use. Some CFS forms/envelopes have worked with AME for many years.

CFS cannot guarantee that all forms/envelopes are compatible with other programs. Call customer service at (800) 343-1157 if unsure.
  1. Copy A (red or "pink") forms should work fine as the IRS specifications ("specs") for red forms are precise.
  2. Perforated blank forms ("perfs") compatible with AME Payroll:

2-up "perfs"

for employee copy W-2 or recipient copy 1099 in a 2-up format

3-up "perfs"

for employee copy W-2 or recipient copy 1099 in a 3-up format

4-up W-2 "perfs"

for employee copy W-2 in a 4-up format (filing instructions pre-printed on the back)

"Perfs" do not have pre-printed black lines. They are used with a program that prints both the lines and the data on a perforated sheet.
CFS W2/1099 only allows users to print recipients’ 1099 copies in a 3-up format.
  1. Envelopes compatible with AME Payroll:

Envelope C

for employee W-2s printed in a 2-up format

Envelope E

for recipient 1099s printed in a 2-up format

Although some AME users purchase Envelope B, it might not work for W-2s printed from AME in a 3-up format because the employee's social security number might be seen through the envelope window.
  1. Blank business checks work with AME and can work with any check-printing program that does not require a “pre-printed” check.

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