Release Notes

MD Personal Property

4/16/20 Modified: Form 1 has a client address area with only 3 lines on page 2 of the Annual Report and page 1 of the Tax Report. We were not mapping the Address line 2 from the client screen. The ma…

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NY Sales Tax Preparer

06/12/20 Added: ST-809, June. FT-945/1045, June. 5/12/20 Added: ST-100, 1st quarter. Added: ST-810, 1st quarter. Added: FT-945/1045, May. Added: FT-943 3/26/20 Initial Release

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Small Business Tools

6/29/20 Fixed: Form 3508EZ Line 7 now calculates correctly.. 06/25/20 Added: Form 3508EZ. Updated: Form 720 Updated: Form I-9 Updated: Form 8822-B. Updated: Withholding rates for ID, tax rates for ID…

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