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Can Form 941-X be e-filed?

The IRS does not currently allow filers to e-file Form 941-X. Consequently, there is no software available from any source that accommodates e-filing Form 941-X. This form must be paper-filed. Payrol…

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Do I need Payroll Corrector to correct e-filed returns?

1099's. e-filed via the FIRE system. Payroll Corrector is not needed. Open the 1099. Select the Corrected box and make the correction. Create a corrected 1099 in Payroll System and upload to IRS FIRE…

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Does Payroll Corrector correct prior year's forms?

Yes. You can correct prior year's forms with a later Payroll Corrector. Users can correct 2020 941s with 2022 Payroll Corrector. Users can correct 2018 W-2s with a 2021 Payroll Corrector. As an examp…

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