How can I find my MyCFS login email/password?

If you don’t know your MyCFS login email address (user name), you can: contact customer service via email at , or... call (800) 343-1157. We can verify what email address…

Michael Toney
Updated 4 months ago by Michael Toney

Reset your MyCFS password

If you are unable to login to your MyCFS, you can follow the following procedure. First make sure you have a MyCFS account. If you do not have a MyCFS account, you can register here. Go to the Forgot…

Updated 11 months ago by Eric

Why do I need a MyCFS account?

A MyCFS account allows you to: View your renewal notice and renew your CFS products,. View your order history ,. Track UPS shipments,. Look up your license codes ,. Notify us of a change of address o…

John Logue
Updated 1 year ago by John Logue