W-2 E-Filing: Navigating the SSA's old Wage File Upload program (Resubmitting a W2 Wage File)

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This article is obsolete and only exists now for historical purposes.

The following instructions assume you have previously created a file for upload using Payroll System's "Create W-2/W-2C efile/MagMedia Files" ("W-2 e-file") module. See E-Filing W-2s.

Connecting to the BSO Website

Use of the Business Services Online website to file Wage Reports (W-2's) is entirely the user’s responsibility. The following instructions are not a replacement for SSA/BSO instructions or tutorials. Additionally, BSO webpages are subject to change.

The easiest way to log in to the Social Security Administration's Business Services Online ("BSO") website is by using the Connect button in the W-2 e-file module:

Alternatively, use your browser to navigate to https://www.ssa.gov/bso/bsowelcome.htm.

If you would like to test your file using SSA's "AccuWage Online" utility before uploading, go to https://www.ssa.gov/employer/accuwage/index.html.

Uploading Formatted Wage File

After logging in select "Report Wages To Social Security".

The Wage Reporting Attestation page will display. Select "I Accept".

When you get to the Electronic Wage Reporting (EWR) page, click on the third tab: Upload Formatted Wage File:

To upload a file, click on Submit a Formatted Wage File. (Later, when you return to the BSO website to check the submission status of your upload, you will click on View Submission Status.)

Note: If you received a resubmission notice and want to resubmit a previously submitted wage file, use the “old” link and upload your file through the old Wage File Upload program. Refer to: W-2 E-Filing: Navigating the SSA's old Wage File Upload program (Resubmitting a W2 Wage File)

"Upload Formatted Wage File." On it, you will be cautioned regarding proper file formatting and ZIPPING. The W-2 e-file module has taken care of this for you. Continue to the next screen, where you will click the radio button next to the "best description of the wage report(s) in your file." After you have selected the correct description, click Continue.

On the next screen, click Choose File (or Browse, depending on your browser):

The dialog box you next see may vary, depending on your browser. You can either use it to navigate to your file's location, or paste the file's name and path into the File name field using Ctrl+V:

Click the Open button, and you should now see your file name next to the Choose File (or Browse) button:

Compare the file name displayed to that on the "Step 3 - SSA Submittal" tab of the W-2 e-file module. If you are confident that this is the correct file, click Submit.

After clicking Submit, be sure to print a copy of the "Confirmation - Your File Was Received" notice.

Confirming Submission Status

You must go back to the BSO site to confirm the status of your file. (See the BSO tutorial at https://www.ssa.gov/employer/bsotut.htm and "Frequently Asked Questions" in the Payroll System’s W-2 e-file module Help menu.)

It is the user's responsibility to monitor the status of the submittal to be sure it was accepted without errors.

Be sure to mark your file as submitted in Step 3 of the W-2 e-file module, and don't forget your state filing requirements (if any).

If Things Go Wrong

Incorrect File Name

If the file name in the Choose File field is not correct, you can click on Choose File again and try again to either navigate to your file or paste the file name/path into the File Name field. (See Recopying File Name and Path, below.)

Recopying File Name and Path

If necessary, you can go back to "Step 3 – SSA Submittal" in the W-2 e-file module and recopy the file name/path as follows:

  1. Make sure the file you want to upload is highlighted in blue.
  2. Click ONCE anywhere in the blue highlighted area.

To verify that the file name/path is on your clipboard, try pasting it into a blank document in Word or another application, using Ctrl+V.

The file name/path will remain on your clipboard until you copy something else.

Communications Disruption

If a communications disruption occurs while you are submitting a wage file, log in again and click the View Submission Status link on the EWR home page to determine whether the file transfer was successful. If the submission is not displayed, you will have to submit it again. Select the same submission type that you initially selected.

Technical Support

BSO technical support/information:

  • (888) 772-2970
  • (800) 772-6270.

CFS technical support: (800) 343-1157.

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