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1099 E-Filing: Oklahoma

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Due date

1099-NEC Due January 31, all others due March 31

If any due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or legal holiday, the return or statement is considered timely if filed or furnished on the next business day. We encourage you to file early.

E-filing threshold

It is mandatory to file all 1099's electronically.

Filing options

Electronic Filing

Forms to file

State requires W-2G, 1099-B, 1099-DIV, 1099-INT, 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC, and 1099-R

Required file name


(001 = file sequence number, 2018 = Tax Year, 999999999 = YOUR FEIN)

E-filing website

Submitting files

To electronically file a 1099 with Oklahoma you will need either a Customer Account or a Third–Party Account, in addition to an OkTAP account. You can use any OkTap account to upload as many of your clients as you like.

To sign up for a Thrid-Party (no tax account required) account: contact Taxpayer Assistance Division at (405) 521-3160.

To sign up for a Customer Account:

You can sign up for a Customer Account via our website (this will require the creation of a tax type account).

Click on Online Services at website

Choose Online Filing Businesses

Choose Online Business Registration and the follow online instructions.

Once you have a Customer or Third–Party account, you will need to register for an OkTAP account to upload the 1099s.

To register for a OKTAP account with OTC:

Go to our website

Click the link that says Businesses

Choose OKTAP-Online Account Access from the drop down menu

Click the Register Now button and follow the online instructions.

To register for a OKTAP account with OTC:

1.        Register your business, customer or third-party account at OkTAP.  Or sign up for a third-party (no tax account required) account by calling our Taxpayer Resource Center at 405.521.3160, option 6 and ask for a BT120.

2.        Create an OkTAP Logon: 

1.                         Visit OkTAP

2.                         Under ‘Business Login, click "Don't have a logon? Register here"

Follow the instructions at OkTAP

For files larger than 200 MB : Send an e-mail to . and ask for a Moveit account to process 1099s and our IT security will get an account set up so you can upload your file. Moveit instructions can be found at this link: Moveit instructions will open in a separate document.

At this time the state does not accept prior year filing.

Request an extension by e-mailing your request to

If you do not have a TCC you can enter "00000" for the TCC - the program will convert the 5 zero's to spaces in the file.

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