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1099 E-Filing: West Virginia

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Due date

January 31

E-filing threshold

Must E-file if 25 or more

Filing options

Electronic filing

Forms to file

State requires 1099s and W2Gs are required ONLY if they have West Virginia withholding.

Transmittal form

Form WV IT-103 located in CFS Payroll System under ''W-2/1099 Information Returns''

Required file name


E-filing website

Submitting files

Before you process a file you must complete Form WV IT-103 located in CFS Payroll System under ''W-2/1099 Information Returns'' and save the form to process 1099's for West Virginia. The C record in the file contains all of the data from the WV IT-103. When you process the file you will be given the option to select a saved WV IT-103.

Note: It is recommended that you save Form WV/IT-103 for the W-2's and a separate one for the 1099's.

Electronic filing: you must be registered for with MyTaxes to submit your file. To register for MyTaxes you must have an 8 digit account number. If you are a Payroll Service Provider and have not yet registered, contact

ALL OTHER registration questions must contact Taxpayer Services Division at 1-800-982-8297

Prior Year filing MUST be submitted on CD.

If you are not already registered for MyTaxes, when accessing  you will be required to complete the following steps:

- Taxpayer Verification – This requires your Federal Tax ID Number, individual taxpayer ID number, social security number or WV tax ID number. In addition you will choose a tax account type, the account number and your zip code.

- Create Logon Information

- Add Access to Accounts (Optional)

- Once registered, you may request access to any or all of your tax accounts that are available on MyTaxes.

CD filing: you must include a WV/IT-105 Transmitter Summary Report and WV/IT-103 Annual Reconciliation. WV/IT-103 can be found: 

Send media to:

West Virginia State Tax Department

TAAD/ Withholding

PO Box 3943

Charleston, WV 25339-3943

Courier or Overnight Deliveries (ONLY):

West Virginia State Tax Department

Revenue Center / Withholding

1001 Lee Street East

Charleston, WV 25301-1725

Corrected forms: Payroll System does not support e-File/Magnetic media for corrected 1099s for this state. Users must paper file corrections.

It is your responsibility to resubmit corrected media in an acceptable format within 45 days. However, the original submission is considered a timely filing if it was postmarked by January 31. You must keep a copy, or be able to reconstruct the data, for 5 years after the due date of the report.

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