OCR-A (or OCR-ACFS) font is not properly installed

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This message refers to "Optical Character Reader" recognizable font, which is used by scannable forms in several CFS programs, especially Payroll System.


When a font is installed, a file representing the font is copied into the font folder, and relevant information from that file is placed in registration tables. If the file is not in the font folder, or if the information in the registration tables is missing or damaged, the font is not properly installed and cannot be used.


The solution is to first delete the font from the font folder if it exists there, then install the font, as follows:

  1. Close the CFS program. You will not be able to delete the font if the program is still open.
  2. Identify the program's installation location so you will be able to find the fonts. Right-click on the program's icon on the desktop, and left-click on "Properties." Make a note of the path in the "Start In" field (e.g., C:\CFSLIB\PR2009).
  3. Using Windows (or File) Explorer, navigate to that folder and find a file beginning with "ocracfs." Right-click on the file and left-click on "Rename." If the full filename is "ocracfs.ttf.bak," remove the ".bak," so that the filename is "ocracfs.ttf."
  4. If your operating system is Vista or later, right-click on the file, left-click on "Install," and skip to step 5. If your operating system is Windows XP, close Windows Explorer and continue with the following steps:
    1. Click on "Start - Control Panel - Fonts."
    2. Fonts is a folder. From the "View" menu, select "Details."
    3. Scroll down the list of fonts and see whether the font is already installed.
    4. If the font you need to replace is OCR-ACFS, find any occurrence of that font and delete it. (If it cannot be deleted, you may need to reboot the machine and then repeat this procedure.)
    5. After each font delete, press the F5 key to refresh the list of fonts.
    6. At the top of the Fonts window, click on the "File" menu and select "Install new font." This opens the "Add Fonts" box.
    7. Under "Drives," use the dropdown arrow to select the drive where the program is installed. (Refer back to the notes you made of the contents of the "Start In" window.)
    8. Under "Folders," navigate to the "Start In" folder you noted earlier. When you reach that folder, the available fonts will appear in the "List of Fonts" box.
    9. Double-click on the font you need to install.
    10. Close the Fonts folder.
  5. Unless the font was not successfully removed, it should now be installed. Open the CFS program and try printing.
  6. If the program still does not find the font, reboot the computer and try printing again.

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