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1099 E-Filing: Louisiana

Nina Tchistiakova Updated by Nina Tchistiakova

Due date

February 28

E-filing threshold

50 or more

Filing options

Electronic filing

Forms to file

State requires W-2G and 1099's

Transmittal form

Form L-3 serves as a transmittal form

Required file name

Any name with “.txt” at the end

E-filing website

Submitting files

To upload Louisiana 1099 forms, you must first register to use LaWage. Employers who wish to file on their own behalf, MUST register with their LDR 10-digit account number. Payroll Services filing on behalf of multiple companies MUST use FEIN to register for LaWage.

How do I register for a LaWage account? From the LDR homepage, click Businesses at the top. Then, click on Withholding W-2/L-3 Filing Program(LaWage). Then, click Create user account.

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