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W-2 E-Filing: Illinois

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Due date

January 31

Due dates that fall on a weekend or state-recognized holiday to the next business day. You must submit your Forms W-2 to the Illinois Department of Revenue on or before the extended due date of the federal information return.

E-filing threshold

It is mandatory to file all W2's electronically. 

Filing options

Electronic filing

Required file name

Specifications do not specify a file name.

Web upload


Electronic Commerce Division (866) 440-8680, (217) 524-4767

Submitting files

Before you process a file, if your W-2s contain Medical Savings Account Information, MSA, enter the information on any line in box 14 in the following format: MSA 1234.56.

Register – Obtain your W-2 transmitter ID and test and production passwords. If you have registered in the past and have ETIN/Logon ID and passwords, those credentials are valid year to year. If you already have an existing ETIN/Logon ID and passwords for other Illinois programs, you may use those for the W-2 program as well. 

Note: You must be registered to file at least one business day before sending a file. Click here to register as a W-2/1099 Transmitter

Logon to this secure online application using your web browser, enter your W-2 transmitter ID and password, browse for your W-2 file, and select the file to upload. This method does not require any software download or programming.

Acknowledgement: This user friendly web application tells whether the file was accepted or rejected and provides a list of any specific errors for a rejected file. Select the W-2 Transmission Acknowledgement link on the Electronic W-2 web page and log in using your ETIN and password you used to transmit the files. This retrieval method works for either transmission method. Important: For a rejected file, all errors must be corrected and the entire file must be retransmitted. If no acknowledgement is present within 24 hours after transmission time, please contact us for assistance at the number listed in contact

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