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W-2 E-Filing: Rhode Island

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Due date

January 31

E-filing threshold

Must E-file if 25 or more

Filing options

CD and Electronic filing

Transmittal form

Form RI Transmittal is located in e-file/MagMedia Step 5 - State Submittal Screen under ‘State Forms’ menu.

Required file name

Any name with “.txt” at the end

E-filing website

FTP transmissions send email to

Submitting files

Secure EFT is a web‐based file transfer system that allows you to directly upload your files to Taxation servers over an encrypted channel. All modern browsers are supported, and there is no setup required on the sender’s end.

To request a secure EFT link, please send an email to to 

Please be ready to upload your file upon submitting your request, as the secure EFT link is only valid for 3 days

If multiple RE employer records are included in a file and an RE employer record(s) has a bad RS record due to a blank or incorrect SSN, only this employer(s) will be rejected and a new file with this employer(s) would need to be resubmitted.

Send media and Form RI to: 

Rhode Island Division of Taxation

W2 Magnetic Media Section

One Capitol Hill

Providence, RI 02908 

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