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W-2 E-Filing: West Virginia

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Due date

January 31

E-filing threshold

It is mandatory to file all W2's electronically.

Filing options

Electronic filing

Transmittal form

Form WV IT-103 located in CFS Payroll System under ''W-2/1099 Information Returns'

Prior Year Filing CD: Form WV/IT-105 is located in e-file/MagMedia Step 5 -State Submittal Screen under ‘State Forms’ menu.

Required file name

w2report.txt Note: Any other file name will be rejected and returned.

E-filing website

Submitting files

Before you process a file you must complete Form WV IT-103 located in CFS Payroll System under ''W-2/1099 Information Returns'' and save the form to process W-2's for West Virginia. The RV record in the file contains all of the data from the WV IT-103. When you process the file you will be given the option to select a saved WV IT-103.

Note: It is recommended that you save Form WV/IT-103 for the W-2's and a separate one for the 1099's.

2021 withholding data must be submitted via MyTaxes secure website

Prior Year filing MUST be submitted on CD.

Corrected W-2s must be submitted on paper with an amended WV/IT-103 form.

State Employer Account Number uses 9 digit Federal EIN.

Electronic filing - you must be registered with MyTaxes to submit your file.

If you are not already registered for MyTaxes, when accessing  you will be required to complete the following steps:

- Taxpayer Verification – This requires your Federal Tax ID Number, individual taxpayer ID number, social security number or WV tax ID number. In addition you will choose a tax account type, the account number and your zip code.

- Create Logon Information

- Add Access to Accounts (Optional)

- Once registered, you may request access to any or all of your tax accounts that are available on MyTaxes.

How to Import a File

• Select the Submit W-2 hyperlink (to the right)

• Select IMPORT button (top right corner)

• Select Browse to locate your W-2 file

• Choose the file you want to import, Select Open

• Select IMPORT button – click only once as large files may take a minute to import. Only one file may be imported per submission

• Once file is imported, the gray boxes will populate the number of Employers and Employees in the file.

• Click NEXT (lower right) to view your file data on the screens

• Once you’ve viewed all the data, the SUBMIT button will be available (lower right)

• Enter your password and OK

• you will receive a confirmation number

If you are a Payroll Service Provider and have not yet registered or if you have any issues or questions, contact at: 

ALL OTHER registration questions must contact Taxpayer Services Division at 1-800-982-8297

It is your responsibility to resubmit corrected media in an acceptable format within 45 days. However, the original submission is considered a timely filing if it was postmarked by January 31. You must keep a copy, or be able to reconstruct the data, for 5 years after the due date of the report.

CD filing: you must include a WV/IT-105 Transmitter Summary Report and WV/IT-103 Annual Reconciliation. WV/IT-103 can be found: 

Prior Year Send media to:

West Virginia State Tax Department

TAAD/ Withholding

PO Box 3943

Charleston, WV 25339-3943

Courier or Overnight Deliveries (ONLY):

West Virginia State Tax Department

Revenue Center / Withholding

1001 Lee Street East

Charleston, WV 25301-1725

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