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W-2 E-Filing: Maine

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Due date

January 31

E-filing threshold

Must E-file if 250 or more

Filing options

Electronic filing

Required file name

Any name with “.txt” at the end.

E-filing website 

Submitting files

Employers who participate in the Maine Public Employee’s Retirement System (MEPERS) must enter the employee’s share of MEPERS contributions in Box 14 of Form W-2 with the designation MEPERS. Enter the information on any line in box 14 in the following format: MEPERS 1234.56.

EFW2 files must be transmitted electronically via the Maine Employers Electronic Reporting System (MEETRS) on the MRS web site.

If there are data errors or other problems, the file will be rejected with an error message providing you with the reason and location of the error. Electronic files may be tested with the MEETRS application by selecting the Validate Only button. The user needs to register with the MEETRS website to test the file.

Maine does NOT accept Prior Year Filing. The current year filing must be uploaded before December 1.

MRS does not accept/process corrected wage and withholding information (Form W-2C). Corrections MUST be paper filed.

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