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W-2 E-Filing: Georgia

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Due date

January 31

E-filing threshold

Must E-file if 250 or more, OR if you file and pay Georgia withholding electronically

Filing options

Electronic filing

Transmittal form

Two separate uploads are required. Upload W-2's to Georgia through “e-file/MagMedia Create W-2/W-2C Files” Module, steps 4 and 5. Then also Upload File Form G-1003, located in CFS Payroll System under “W-2/1099 Information Returns”.

Required file name

Specifications do not specify a file name.

E-filing website

Corrections W2C

Electronic filing

Submitting files

If you file and pay electronically, you must file the G-1003 and related income statements electronically. Also, employers who are federally required to file income statements electronically must file them electronically for Georgia purposes To register, please visit online at When uploading the file select file type: W2 (EFW-2 Format).

 To upload the file:

o Click the Upload File hyperlink under the I Want To section on the left

o Select W2 (EFW-2 Format)

View the Form G-1003 Help for assistance on creating the file to upload.

E-Message confirmations

Within 2-4 business days your account will receive an E-message regarding the upload files. To view these messages, log into GTC and click on the tab E-MESSAGES. The W2s and 1099s will have an attachment that can be opened in any standard text editor such as Notepad. The G-1003 will also have an attachment but the main result will be in the body of the e-message. Pop-ups must be allowed in order to open the attachment.

W-2 and 1099 results

When you open the attachment the information is in .XML format. Look for the lines “AcceptCount” and “RejectCount”. When the reject count is 0 (zero) then all returns in the file were accepted. If the accept count is 0 (zero) then the original file will need to be corrected and resubmitted. If you have multiple companies in the same file, it is possible to get mixed results where some were accepted and some were rejected. In this case you will only need to resubmit the companies that were rejected.

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