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W-2 E-Filing: Maryland

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Due date

January 31

E-filing threshold

It is mandatory to file all W2's electronically.

Filing options

Electronic filing

Required file name


E-filing website

Submitting files

Before you process a file you must complete Form MW508 Located in CFS Payroll System under ''W-2/1099 Information Returns'' and save the form to process W-2's for Maryland. The RV record in the file contains all of the data from the MW508. When you process the file you will be given the option to select a saved MW508. Do not include the paper MW508 with your magnetic media submission as the RV record is considered the electronic version.

It is recommended that the file is transmitted after you process it. The file contains date field in the file as the date that the file was transmitted to Maryland. If you choose to submit the file on a different day then you should ''Reset'' the file and ''Create'' the file on the day that you submit it.

The Maryland Central Registration Number is an eight-digit number assigned by Maryland when you open a state withholding account. The number is located under the label "REGISTRATION NBR" in the coupon books sent to each employer.

After bulk uploading your file, you must return to view your submission history from 20-60 minutes later to get official validation feedback. Upon successful validation of the file, all of the records are accepted and the file will be processed for posting to your account.

W2 Bulk Upload Testing Application in bFile The bFile Services website provides a Test Link “W2 Bulk Upload Testing Application” to check your file for errors ( ). If the file is rejected upon validation, the associated error message will report the line number and position

MD only accepts prior year filing for 2017 and later.

Log in to the bFile system and upload the file or send CD/Diskette media to:

Revenue Administration Division

Attn: Magnetic Media Unit, Room 214

110 Carroll Street

Annapolis, MD 21411-0001

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